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Our values

Family is the key to unlocking the potential of deaf children

80% of deaf children are born into families with no experience of hearing loss. So we provide local support to families of newly diagnosed deaf children. We help parents with the costs of learning British Sign Language.


Children can be positive about being deaf

40% of deaf children will also suffer with mental health problems. We run a separate youth group for children in year 6 and secondary school. The transition between primary and secondary school is particularly difficult for deaf children. They can become isolated from their friends as they struggle with a new unfamiliar school. Our youth group offers its members the independence to choose their own activities. It affords the children time and space to share experiences and develop friendships with other deaf children in the same position. It offers the children role models who are older and have been through the same thing recently.


Deaf children can grow up knowing other deaf children

The majority of deaf children in Wigan attend mainstream schools where they are often the only deaf child. We provide regular events and activities for deaf children from pre-schoolers to teenagers. We have watched our members develop friendships over the last twelve months. We believe knowing other deaf children will help our members develop a positive self-identity as they grow up as a deaf person.


We are part of a positive local community where everyone benefits from our charity

Our charity could not function without the help of our volunteers. We are lucky to have some great volunteers drawn from right across the community. From students at Wigan and Leigh College and Winstansley College to retired people from all walks of life. We benefit greatly from the support of our volunteers and they benefit too. Learning new skills and making new friends.


Our aim

Our aim is to improve the lives of deaf children in the local area.

Our team

Katie O'Reilly


Jodie Telford

Vice Chair 

Nicola Rigby


Rachael Moran

Secondary School Age Representative

Joanne Speakman


Alan O'Reilly


Diane Roberts


Information about our group

Name of charity
Wigan and Leigh Deaf Children's Society


Charity number

Wigan and Leigh Deaf Children's Society is a registered charity. Our charity number is 1153578.



Our trustees are Katie O'Reilly, Jodie Telford, Nicola Rigby and Alan O'Reilly.


NDCS affiliation

NDCS has a UK-wide network of affiliated local groups. The groups are independent charities with their own constitutions, trustees and funds i.e. they are not branches of NDCS. While NDCS is not directly responsible for the local groups, we are committed to providing support to, and working together with, the volunteers running the groups.

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